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1. What is The Journey elevator Pitch?

The Journey is a 9-month open innovation program for startups to pilot innovative solutions that can be applied in addressing travel and tourism players challenges.

2. In which stage should startups be in order to apply?

The Journey is looking for startups that have a least an MVP.

3. Who needs to present? And when?

Presence is required during the Bootcamp and Demo day. During the remaining phases, contact can be done remotely.

4. Are there any expenses covered by the program?

Provision will be granted for the Bootcamp – value to be set.

5. Do you take equity of the participating startups?

The Journey is a piloting focused program, no equity is taken.

6. Will you be investing in startups?

No, this program is not focused on investment. The selected Startups will develop pilots with the partners.

7. Where will the program take place?

The Journey will take place in Lisbon, Portugal.

8. If my startup is selected, what are the next steps?

If your startup is pre-selected after the online applications, it will be inserted into the TOP 40 to pitch; Afterwards, a TOP 20 will be selected to take part in the Bootcamp. The program team will keep in touch to update on further steps of the startups to proceed to the piloting phase.

9. What are the selection criteria?

The selection criteria will be managed by Beta-i and partner’s representatives. The team of evaluators will be focusing on your product, your team, market, business model, fit with each Partner and will even be counting on their gut feeling and experience from previous programs.

10. What does my Startup have to gain specifically from this program?
  • Access to established companies in the Portuguese market
  • Opportunity to scale and test the product in real cases
  • Experienced team in the innovation subject
  • Networking and partnerships with Startups selected for the Bootcamp
11. Can I apply with more than one project/startup?

Yes, definitely. You can apply with as many projects you believe would fit and benefit with the program.

12. Can I end up developing several pilots with different partners?

Yes, it is a real possibility since everything can happen during as the program develops.