1. What is The Journey?

The Journey is an open innovation program open to startups of all industries, to solve challenges in the tourism sector. Its main goal is for participant startups and corporate partners to co-develop impactful pilot projects in just three months. 

2. In which stage should startups be in order to apply?

The Journey is accepting applications from startups with an MVP, in a product testing phase, with existing clients/users and with established working teams.

3. Who needs to present? And when?

Given the current worldwide reality, the program will be 100% online.

4. Do you take equity of the participating startups?

The end goal of the Journey program is to develop pilots. No equity is taken.

5. Will you be investing in startups?

No, this program is not focused on investment.

6. What are the selection criteria?

The team of evaluators will evaluate your project on 6 main criteria: product, team, market, business model, fit with the program challengers, and gut feeling.  

7. Can I apply with more than one project/startup?

Yes, definitely. You can apply with more than one project as long as they fit with the program challenges.

8. Can I end up developing several pilots with different partners?

Yes, it is a real possibility.